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my shitty kingdom for a shred of proof

so, the david motari must die affair refuses to calm down on any of the internets. i was busy with the usual and didn't have time to check in on the situation until now. i was hoping to find just one proven animal expert and one proven a/v expert agreeing with each other about the video being real, but alas, it has not come to be. this is usually where i'd say, "i wonder why!", but i really don't wonder why.

some nameless/brainless winrar left a comment on the previous entry that you could spot the dog "licking it's [sic] mouth", but didn't provide an index so i didn't bother re-watching it. it's like saying "martians did wtc" and then refusing to provide any sort of evidence or even one url. that's just fucking lame. at any rate, if any of you can provide me with irrefutable proof that the dog in the aformentioned video was indeed alive before it was thrown, and that the audio of the yipping wasn't added after the fact or otherwise faked at all, i'll set up my nice new camera and record myself eating a fresh, steaming pile of shit.

oh, and for all the keyboard kommandos, you people are fucking pathetic. posting information of relatives and terrorizing someone's family because you're unwilling to wait to see if something is even true pretty much means you're about as intelligent as the average bush-voter. again, you fucking retards are why we went to iraq in the first place. thanks!

the whole thing is tempting me to go find a shitty webcam with horrible video quality and make my very own snuff-hoax with one of the cats here. it'd be funny to put the hoax out in the wild and see how many people believe it (the punchline is the reasoning they'd give for buying the situation as real), and then produce a second video proving the whole thing was a hoax.

if there really is a sucker born every minute, youtube is surely the maternity ward.

ps: go here.