butts lamo (nephesh) wrote,
butts lamo

staying sick.

so it's not so much that i'm sick again, as it is that i'm staying sick. i think my renal system caved in to the power of what the fuck ever is living in seattle's disgusting tap water. i can't tell if i have a fever because the thermometer's battery died. it never worked right anyway cuz it's a $2 piece of shit from cvs. i decided to see what i could with a meat thermometer stuck under one of my gargantuan tits; it went just above 100 so whatever.

speaking of tits, did i mention i outgrew DD a while back? i seem to be DDD or F or something now, and it kind of freaks me out. maybe it'll be cancer next year. i shouldn't be growing at this age. then again, i shouldn't be dealing with most of the shit i'm dealing with at this age anyway.

back on point, seattle's tap water is actually not the wonderful liquid ambrosia treehuggers would have you believe. it's a vile fucking putrid ooze that never clears and tastes like a combination of chlorine, rust, sugar, and lies. it doesn't seem to matter whether filtered, as it stays hazy and tastes off all the time anyway. i actually ran filtered water from a refrigerator dispenser through another brita filter, and it STILL stayed fucking cloudy and tasted like garbage. it's no fucking mystery as to why i keep having these health problems. same shit happened to me when i was little, before we got delivered bottled water.

so all you fuckheads that insist tap water is "totally awesome man!" need to drop dead.


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