butts lamo (nephesh) wrote,
butts lamo


so how's about that broad that pooped out eight homunculi on top of her six other homunculi? i don't think a single one of their conceptions involved direct penile contact. i read she was obsessed with maternity and being pregnant and wanted like a dozen kids. i have an easier time understanding cannibal orgies and sanskrit, to be honest.

the other day, scott talked to a weird friend of his who spawned last year or the year before, i don't remember. he asked scott if he'd spawned with me yet. he might as well have asked him if the earth spun left last night.

at any rate, you know you're getting old when you previously would have said, "if there's a god, he'll strike all the duggars and octocrotch dead, all at once", but now can only say, "goddamnit, i wonder how much of my income is going to their SSI and WIC checks."



  • a blast from the past

    just when i thought it was over and obvious, people are still commenting on the david motari entries. nice.

  • google's april fool's day gag is weaksauce

    but at least a bunch of dolts seem to have fallen for it. some of em are so skullduggered that they seem to think it's a live 14 year old girl. sigh

  • 'stuff white people like' is not funny.

    i've tried, really very sincerely tried, to appreciate "stuff white people like". i just can't. it isn't funny, or brilliantly written, or even all…

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