butts lamo (nephesh) wrote,
butts lamo

spore players sure do like penises

i think my renal system is back to normal and has stopped trying to secede from my horrible body. what the fuck is wrong with seattle's water supply? it reeks of rust and chlorine all the time and even after it's filtered, it retains the funk and tastes like shit. i wonder if that's how i got infected in the first place. in any case i have got to stop manufacturing kidney stones. my ureters must be like leather by now.

i thought it would feel weird to be completely alone while sebastard went to NAMM, but it doesn't. judy arrives tomorrow and the mother of an old friend of mine happened to pop up in tacoma, trying to get in touch. my reaction was initially something like "i'm always surrounded by people!". i guess when you spend most of your time alone and barely speaking, you get used to it.

they're doing work downstairs again. my reaction to that is as you might expect: goddamnit i hope they don't finish it any time soon. i don't want neighbors just yet.

it's kind of hard to believe i still have a livejournal.


  • a blast from the past

    just when i thought it was over and obvious, people are still commenting on the david motari entries. nice.

  • google's april fool's day gag is weaksauce

    but at least a bunch of dolts seem to have fallen for it. some of em are so skullduggered that they seem to think it's a live 14 year old girl. sigh

  • 'stuff white people like' is not funny.

    i've tried, really very sincerely tried, to appreciate "stuff white people like". i just can't. it isn't funny, or brilliantly written, or even all…

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